Travel Bag For Clothes Functional Travel Accessories Luggage Organizer High Capacity Mesh Packing Cubes



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Large mesh bag: 37.5cmx27cmx12cm; 
Mesh Bag M: 30cmx22cmx12cm; 
Mesh Bag S: 20cmx15cmx12cm;

Large Organizer pouch: 30cmx23cm;
Organizer pouch M:27cmx19.5cm; 
Organizer pouch S:17cm13cm;  

Color: pink、 red、 blue 、wine red 、green、 Navy blue  、 Gray 、Watermelon red  、 Light green  、 Grape  

7-piece  color:  CJJJJTFZ00197-Purple 、 CJJJJTFZ00197-Black

CJJJJTFZ00197-Gray 1style 、 CJJJJTFZ00197-Navy 1style

CJJJJTFZ00197-Light pink 、CJJJJTFZ00197-Watermelon red 1style

CJJJJTFZ00197-Rose red 、 CJJJJTFZ00197-Wine red

CJJJJTFZ00197-Lake blue 、 CJJJJTFZ00197-Bright blue

CJJJJTFZ00197-Cactus 、 CJJJJTFZ00197-Powder stripe

CJJJJTFZ00197-Cherry powder 、 CJJJJTFZ00197-Cherry green

CJJJJTFZ00197-Cherry purple、 CJJJJTFZ00197-Cherry blue

CJJJJTFZ00197-Navy A 、CJJJJTFZ00197-Blue flower

CJJJJTFZ00197-Black lemon 、CJJJJTFZ00197-B

CJJJJTFZ00197-C 、 CJJJJTFZ00197-Colored feather

Product packaging: single transparent bag

  • Large mesh bag: Coat, shirt, etc

  • Medium mesh bag: for underwear

  • Small mesh bag: can hold cosmetics, lotion, etc

  • Large storage bag: umbrella、ipad、 data cable

  • Medium size storage bag: for sunglasses, accessories, etc

  • Small storage bag: can hold documents, emergency medicine, etc

  • Customized: No

    Material: Oxford cloth

    Additional information

    Weight 0.21 kg

    B, Black, Black lemon, Blue, Blue flower, Bright blue, C, Cactus, Cherry blue, Cherry green, Cherry powder, Cherry purple, Colored feather, Grape, Gray, Gray 1style, Green, Lake blue, Light green, Light pink, Navy 1style, Navy A, Navy blue, Pink, Powder stripe, Purple, Red, Red wine, Rose red, Watermelon red, Watermelon red 1style, Wine red


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