New Type Power Saver Electricity-Saving Box



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– Stabilize voltage, reduce power consumption, and extend the life of home appliances.
– Avoid inefficient power consumption and protect household appliances.
– Save the current capacity, comprehensively improve the power used by household appliances, and avoid invalid power consumption. 
– Ability to work continuously throughout the day in any climate.
– More stable; more safe and reliable; more effective; better appearance.  


Rated voltage: 90v-250v
Working temperature: -60-75 degree
Rated frequency: 50Hz-60Hz
Effective carrying capacity: 15,000 W or 18,000

Package Content:
1 x Saver; 2 x Saver; 3 x Saver; 5 x Saver; 10 x Saver; 15 x Saver;


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